The Silent University Principle. Lecture by Ahmet Öğüt

Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 7 pm

Lecture by Ahmet Öğüt (artist, Amsterdam / Istanbul), afterwards discussion with Ali Fathi(consultant Silent University Hamburg), Ismail M. Mosa (consultant Silent University Hamburg), Abimbola Odugbesan (LecturerSilent University Hamburg), Paran Pour(consultant Silent University Hamburg), and further participants of Silent University Hamburg.

What happens when art becomes visible outside of its own field? Artistic interventions into other fields and the appropriation of strategies hostile to art pose the old question of the relationship between art and life anew. In his lecture Ahmet Öğüt gives insights into his ways of working, which reveal current possibilities to intervene in social power relations as an artist. Thereby, for Öğüt the choice of medium – be it film, sculpture, installation or participatory practice – always depends on the context. With Silent University Hamburg, in cooperation with the Stadtkuratorin Hamburg, Öğüt is initiating an alternative platform for teaching and learning in the setting of fleeing and migration. Thus one will be able to experience global mobility as a complex reality in a different way. With The Silent University Öğüt is realizing a principle of artistic work, which is to be responsible for shifting the frontiers of art in the 21st century.