Council for a model institution

The long-term goal of the initial project Stadtkuratorin Hamburg and HAMBURG MASCHINE is the implementation of a so-called model institution in order to focus the concerns of the art in public outdoor space in Hamburg. To make them more visible, and to communicate its interests in public. There is a desire in the administration as well as in politics and above all in various art institutions and urban initiatives to activate public space with the help of the visual arts. To promote discussions of polity, democracy and the city as an urban texture in order to generate a public attention of the city and moreover along it’s fringes.

The City of Hamburg established here an outstanding tradition of fundings since 1981 und wants to re-build and actualize its big reputation on an international level. Many European cities work with the art in the public sphere as well as in social communities. It was as a democratic project designed to comment today’s social developments or to take stand. This sort of art opens up new ways for a polity insofar it is concerned with public space and presented there.

The newly established council works on structures and motives referring to the recommendation of an experts’ commission for an initiative towards a new model-institution. The paper intends to serve the resolution for such a model-institution. 

Members of the council:

  • Prof. Jesko Fezer, Academy of the Visual Arts, Hamburg
  • Ulrich Genth, artist
  • Oloruntoyin La Toya Manly-Spain, artist and activist  
  • Dirck Möllmann, city curator
  • Anne-Kathrin Reinberg, Ministry of culture and media, Hamburg
  • Inga Wellmann, Ministry of culture and media, Hamburg


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