[M] Dudeck

Temple of Artifice

I. PERFORMANCE: 22 September 2019, 7.30 pm
main church St. Katharinen

II. DIGITAL TEMPLE: online 22 September 2019

III. EXHIBITION: 22 September – 20 October 2019
parking garage Katharinenkirche


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John Gerrard

Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas), 2017

8 to 15 September 2019, 24/7 hours
Hamburg Rathausmarkt

Opening: 8 September 2019, 5.30 pm
with the Senator of Culture and Media Dr. Carsten Brosda
and the artist


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Martina Raponi

Schulterplayy – the algorythm march

Friday, 30 August, from 5 pm
from Schulterblatt to Westwerk

meeting point: intersection Schulterblatt–Nagels Allee
afterparty: Westwerk from 6 pm


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Martina Raponi

Schulterplayy Remixed – Noiserr Feat. Broshuda

7 May 2019, 7:30 pm
Westwerk (Event in English)


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AnneMarie Maes


since 1 May 2019 until 31 July 2020
Golden Pavilion, Entenwerder 1, 20539 Hamburg
at opening times of the Golden Pavilion


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